Wendy's Fresh Southern Salsa
This is a delicious fresh salsa that is great eaten with Tostitos Wheat Scoops, in scrambled eggs, mixed with cooked garden veggies, or with many other dishes.  I tried also as a hot dip with some velveeta con queso cheese melted in; very good but don't go too crazy with the cheese.

  Wendy's Fresh Southern Salsa

--Tomatoes, cleaned and cut into 1/4's  (about 8-10)

--Vidalia onion

--garlic peeled

--Ripe mango (peeled)

--jalapeno peppers

--Chili garlic sauce   (green lid)

--Sriracha chili sauce  (both sauces found in oriental section of grocery store) start slow when adding - a teaspoon is quite a bit)

--1 can corn, drained

--1 can northern white beans, rinsed

--1 can black beans, rinsed

--salt and pepper

In a food processor (or manually) finely chop tomatoes, put in large bowl.  Chop onion, garlic and jalapeno in food processor until fine.  Add all other  ingredients to taste.

Submitted by Brenda Brown


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